Stephanie Taylor. Fighting fit, kicking ass.


This stuff is good!
Cake! Thanks boss ^__^
Best time of yearrrr ^__^
Love my #yekka bracelets. Oh fyi you guys’ faces are all up on my wrists now.
Procrastinating.. And trying to design a tattoo. Not easy upside down, very wonky crown! :(
Beautiful strawberry, blueberry and kefir smoothie to prep me for a Power Yoga class followed by Kung Fu. My joy before I have a hell lot of studying to do!
Ok, a bit drunk. Got a bit lost in the toilet. But this definitely looks like a polar bear.
Good ol’ SMC
These finally turned up! Four months later! Fit perfectly too, surprisingly for an item that claims to be ‘One size fits all’. Happy days.
Easter! The most wonderful time of the year!
Finding different ways to drink my kefir, as I’m not a milk fan. Blueberry and spinach protein smoothie. Simples.
Bucks Fizz. Team celebration breakfast for end of tax year. Happy Monday!
Loving my new top ^__^
Making kefir :)

Travel update

Thought I’d do an update on my travelling ventures. Still haven’t been out of Europe, but this year I’m going to Hong Kong and Shanghai in September. Need to get my visa booked in the next couple months :)

I’ve also included UK trips in the past couple of years too.


Ayia Napa (Sep)

Barcelona (Aug)
Paris (Nov)

Torremolinos/Costa del Sol (Sep)

Gérardmer (Feb)
Chichester/Goodwood (Jun)
Budapest (Aug)

Brighton (Feb)
Salou/Costa Dorada (Apr)
Prague (Aug)
Dublin (Dec)
Norwich (Dec)
Edinburgh (Dec)

Cambridge (Jan)
Benidorm/Costa Brava (Mar)
Amsterdam (Jun)
HK/Shanghai (Sep)